Module 10. Budget and timeline

Factors to consider when developing a budget

How to develop a survey timeline


Micronutrient surveys generally require large budgets and an extensive planning period. The survey preparation phase must be given sufficient time and attention, with national ownership and commitment from the highest possible level. Budgeting and planning need to allow for the ethical review process, the procurement of specialized laboratory supplies from international companies, conducting cold chain assessments, recruiting specialized staff and analysing specimens and samples for a range of micronutrients.

The Management team, the Steering committee and the Technical committee should be kept informed of any major changes that might alter the overall budget or timeline for the survey. Challenges that may arise in securing funding following changes to an agreed-upon budget will require input from high-level oversight, and advanced planning to ensure survey success.

Generic Budget

Spreadsheet template used to generate a basic micronutrient survey budget (useful for initial survey planning)


Generic Detailed Budget

Worksheet to develop a detailed survey budget


Generic Timeline

Gantt chart showing specific phases of the survey and when they will be complete