Module 15. Data processing and analysis

Data processing

Analyses for surveys designed with stratification and clustering

Additional information for interpreting nutrition indicators

Standard analysis and checks for anthropometry data


Because this micronutrient survey manual focuses on the standard micronutrient survey design (a multi-stage cluster survey with or without stratification), this module focuses on processing and analysing data from surveys with this design. In specific situations, such as a survey in a refugee camp, where the simple random sampling (SRS) method is selected, analysis should be conducted using SRS-specific procedures. This usually means that there is no need to apply survey weights or a stratum or cluster variable when running frequency tables and generating mean estimates.

Analyses of micronutrient survey data should be conducted using software that accounts for multi-stage complex survey design with stratification. Such software includes Epi Info , SAS version 8.0 or later, SPSS with the optional SPSS Complex Samples module, Stata, Sudaan, and R.